Crank IT up!

I know this only my fourth post, so some of you may wonder why I have taken a detour from blogging only about IT stuff. Well, quite frankly, because I can, it is my blog, you get IT? (*smile*)

I am curious to get feedback about something I’ve noticed over the years as I worked with other IT people. I’ve noticed that many developers prefer to listen to something on their headsets while coding on a daily basis. I suppose it helps them to relax, or perhaps makes the time go by a bit faster. Whatever your reason or personal theory is, I’d like to hear it. I don’t normally allow comments on my blogs, so here’s your chance to provide feedback, but please keep it on topic..

I personally enjoy listening to my iPod, and I have specific lists of songs that I enjoy, but I’m curious as to what others prefer to listen to while developing, troubleshooting, debugging, testing, or documenting your code.

Post the stuff you like, and also if you actually document your code or not. I’d be interested to know, and may we might share similar musical interests, or not. There’s no right or wrong answer, whatever works for you – is something I’d like to know. Call it a social experiment…

To my readers who don’t know how to program, what are some of your favorite tunes, and why?