IT Operations

Data Backup and Recovery

We test and assess your current operation and we can provide a complete solution to replace or supplement your existing plan. If your business cannot afford any downtime, there are options available such as hot, warm and cold sites in the event of natural or other type disasters. We can suggest vendors who can provide disaster recovery operation and relocation in the event of a disaster at your location.

Virtual Environments

VMWare and Hyper-V provide options to deploy servers and applications compared to the traditional practice of bare metal servers and dedicated application servers. These solutions often integrate high availability, scalable systems, and accessibility. Unfortunately, the affordability of these options is a significant investment. We can show you the return on your investment (ROI) and help you choose the best option.

Server Administration

We offer certified administrators to install, configure and manage your servers, whether they are bare metal or in virtual environments. This includes user administration, security of data, deployment of updates, and implement individual storage limits (quotas).

Database Administration

We provide database administration using Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL management tools. We will consolidate your data into optimized and data normalized structures to most efficiently house your valuable business knowledge and data.