IT Business Support Contract


The purchase of a Information Technology Support Contract is required for all new clients before any IT support is provided. The $250.00 one time, initial cost of this contract includes:

  • Pre-paid Two (2) hours of IT Support that can be applied to any one visit, whether Urgent, Project, Priority or Deskside Support is needed.
  • A day onsite your location(s) to assess and evaluate the current state and security of your wide area and local networks, servers, end user assets
  • An assessment and evaluation of installed software on the end user assets, including licenses, versions, service packs, windows updates, anti-virus definitions
  • The setup and documentation of the processes to be used to perform support for your end users (onsite, remote, phone and/or email)
  • A face to face meeting with the primary point of contact for any issues that require resolution
  • The presentation within 48 hours of a comprehensive checklist and site review document that assesses the current status of your end users
  • A follow up communication to determine whether or not to purchase IT Support Service(s), through Bronze, Silver or Gold packages

Based on the review, checklist and follow up communication, if an IT Support Contract is purchased, the following additional actions are taken:

  • The creation of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that states how the success will be measured as defined by your standards of support and compliance and the number of end users who will receive that support.

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