IT Operations Maintenance Service


This is a 30 day, or month to month contract. This IT service is paid in advance of $1000.00 or through four (4) weekly payments of $250.00 when approved for existing customers. This service may or may not include at least two onsite visits each week, generally on Monday and Thursday. This IT service consists of the following IT related maintenance services:

  • Verification of Licenses for Anti-Virus software clients
  • Verification of Licenses for Microsoft Server products and installed third party software
  • Verification of Licenses for end user Microsoft Windows Operating Systems and Microsoft products
  • Licenses due to expire or that are due for renewal will be communicated to Client when noted
  • Weekly Review of server logs to assess server performance, security and stability
  • Weekly review of network routers for required settings including security logs and check for firmware updates
  • Weekly monitoring and setup of a daily check for latest anti-virus upgrades and/or virus definitions for Windows desktops
  • 24/7/365 antivirus scanning of emails, and daily scheduled antivirus scans of desktop hard drives
  • Weekly check for critical and important Windows Updates for servers
  • Verification of method to deploy Windows Updates to end user computers.
  • End of week review of hard drive usage for end user Windows desktops
  • Daily data backup monitoring and confirmation of successful backup, or notification of failed backup
  • Management of data backup devices (USB drive, cloud connection, tape, etc.) if requested and available
  • Performance of any other Maintenance or Operational service(s) as required by Service Level Agreement

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