Platinum IT Services


When you purchase this product, you receive a one (1) hour of Urgent Information Technology service at $120.00 per hour, according to the following terms of use:

  • A minimum purchase of two (2) hours for an onsite visit is required. [One (1) hour quantity is used to add more time for an ongoing Urgent request].
  • This service cannot be provided to new clients. An IT Support Contract must first be purchased in advance.
  • The IT Support Contract includes two (2) hours of onsite IT Support for any future need for any business need at any time.
  • An Information Technology Specialist will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your urgent request and determine if the request is accepted or not.
  • If accepted, a Urgent service ticket will be created and a technician or engineer will be dispatched as soon as possible.
  • If accepted, an IT technician or engineer will contact you to schedule the onsite visit(s), based on availability, distance and priority.
  • When accepted and approved, the support technician will arrive at the designated time at your location, and ask for the designated point of contact person.
  • Within the stated limits, your purchased hour(s) can be redeemed towards any high priority or urgent need for Information Technology services.
  • All onsite visits redeemed using these hours must be accepted, approved, and scheduled before technician can be onsite.
  • These hours are redeemable anytime based on the availability and location of technician(s), and based on priority of other Urgent support requests.
  • This service is only redeemable within a 100 mile range within Los Angeles County, California.
  • Purchaser agrees to pay the rate of $120.00 per hour for every hour the technician is onsite and working on the issue until the Urgent support request is mitigated.

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