Which one is best for you?

So you would like to know more about WordPress?

There are basically two options to use WordPress. Depending on your budget and desire to do it yourself, you can either use Automattic's product on wordpress.com or download the free (do-it-yourself) version from wordpress.org.

In Option 1, you create an account on WordPress.com. Here you can quickly create a website, blog or other presence on their site. There is a free option, as well as premium accounts, which charge a monthly fee and offer additional features to numerous to list here.

With Option 2, you download the WordPress application from wordpress.org, or if you have a hosted website, most providers offer it as an application (sometimes a "one-click install" ) that prompts you for input during the installation process. In either case, when you install WordPress not on wordpress.com, you gain these advantages:

  • more flexibility with the design of your website
  • a wider selection of WordPress Themes and Plug-ins
  • there is no cost for the WordPress application, as it is open source

For current users of WordPress, if you experience any security issue, do not share any details of the issue socially or publicly. Instead, please immediately go to and read this site to report it responsibly.