Infrastructure Projects

Wireless LAN

Experienced configuration and deployment with wireless products manufactured by Cisco, Linksys, and others. We can do a site survey to insure that you have overlapping, secure wireless connectivity throughout your facility, be it a home business, residence, or small business. Standard procedure to further secure your network include WPA2 encryption, MAC address filtering, and turning off your SSID broadcast.


We can provide complete cabling service, to include implementation of router products manufactured by Cisco, Linksys, Netgear or other popular brands with management capability and security features to secure your internet connection, intranet, wide area network (WAN), or local area network (LAN).

For those businesses with telecommuters, external employees or outside sales personnel, we can create and setup a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) to provide access to your systems in the safest manner possible, implemented with the latest encryption technologies within your budget.

Server Builds

Several years experience building servers with the latest server hardware products by Compaq, Dell, Hewlett Packard and other economy models for the small business or corporation. We can implement your choice of server operating systems such as Windows 2003 or 2008. We also have experience building servers using the various versions of open source Linux operating systems.

For application servers implementation, we can install, configure and test your custom application, and provide connectivity to insure only the selected personnel who are granted access to those applications. We can also negotiate pricing for your off the shelf applications, though the purchase of this software and the appropriate licenses are an additional expense not covered in this service.

Active Directory is our recommended solution for larger corporations, although we can integrate servers into an existing environment without issue, presuming internal administrators grant the appropriate access as requested.