IT Operations

IT Maintenance Contract

All of the services below are performed as needed after an initial onsite visit is made and your systems reviewed for proper operations. At that point, an Information Technology Maintenance contract is created and is paid monthly for our services provided to you. Any new or major changes to your operations would require a reassessment and could reduce or increase the cost of maintenance for your business. Because it is critical to your business, these services are paid in advance, packaged into a monthly cost, and invoiced each month. Full payment is expected by the END of the previous month, and for this reason, the cost of services is billed two weeks prior to the first day of that month. Generally you are billed for payment on the 15th, with it due before the 1st of the month that maintenance services are provided.

Systems Administration

We can handle your system administration needs whether your system is Windows or Linux based servers. We can deploy and manage your servers onsite or through secured remote access so you can focus on running your business. We offer complete user administration and self-help.

Data Networks

We can create high speed data networks in your home or office. We offer complete solutions that include cabling, certification and deployment and configuration of routers and firewalls to secure your data and network. We can also provide complete network administration if required, to keep your networks operational and secured.

Secure Wireless

Most wireless networks in public areas are insecure and put your data and information at risk. We will deploy secured wireless networks in your home or office and can limit who and what devices can connect. We will make sure you have complete coverage in your home or business.

Virtualization Services

Many businesses do not want to maintain hardware onsite and choose instead to outsource their applications and data to cloud services. If this is your choice, we can assist with Amazon, Google, or Microsoft cloud and virtualization services.

Data Management

SQL databases hold your business information and we can help you with the administration, upgrade, and maintenance of your valuable business data. We offer backup and recovery services for your SQL databases and your valuable business data files.