I.T Support Offered

Help Desk

Help Desk Service

We offer onsite desk side support services which includes a ticketing system that gives you complete visibility into what services are being provided to you and/or your employees through reports that give you insight and useful information regarding the details of support issues we have resolved.

Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance Services

When onsite visits are not needed or possible, we also offer remote assistance via secure connection. Or, for an additional cost, we can provide phone support to assist you with step-by-step directions to resolves issues when using remote connectivity is not possible or available.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery (DRP) Services

We can provide a recovery plan in case your business experiences a technology related issue. We will coordinate with you or whom you designate to make a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that establishes a mutual consensus to minimize and mitigate risk to your business.

User Administration

User Administration Services

We offer more than just creation of user accounts. We will train your employees on basic security and setup good security measures to keep your data and network safe. We will recommend procedures to make sure there are no unknown accounts in use on your network.

Asset Management

Asset Management Services

We offer serialization and control of company assets including all technology devices and software licensing. We can inventory and identify what devices are on your network and track who is using what device and what is on that device to insure compliance.

Virus Protection

Virus Protection Services

One of the most common ways a company network gets breached is through a virus or malware received through email or when someone at your company visits a malicious website. To protect your company, every computer that joins your network should have an anti-virus client installed. We can insure that your network security and data network is better protected with the installation and management of anti-virus software.

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