Internet Services

Domain Services

We can put your business on the Internet. This begins with the search for, and purchase of a domain. With a domain your business can be reached on the Internet. Domain names link your business name or brand to your website. If your desired domain name is taken, choosing it with a different domain suffix might be an option, or you can offer to purchase it from the owner.

We strongly suggest implementation of an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate to confirm to your customers the information they enter is secure when using your website. Using a SSL requires a certificate issued by a valid authority, which also informs your visitor that you care about protecting their information.

To protect your personal information, it is recommended to purchase private registration when acquiring your domain, to hide your name, address and email from the public WHOIS databases. This reduces exposure of your personal and company which is required to confirm ownership but hidden from easy public access.

Website Hosting

When your domain is registered and secured, you can then link it to a website, but the website needs to be hosted somewhere. We offer web hosting packages based on your projected visitors and what you want to do with your website. Once your website is designed and built, you will need to find a place to store and update your files.

We offer many types of hosting, some options include dedicated Virtual Private Servers, shared hosting, and managed WordPress hosting. Websites also require some maintenance, security and updates to prevent hackers and malicious attacks so we also have packages that include website backups, automatic updates and security.

Website Creation

When your domain is active and you have secured hosting of your website content, we can create a website to promote your business, sell your products, services, or to share information with your customers. We can incorporate your social media presence and if you choose WordPress, when your website is completed, we can turn over the continued content creation of your website content to you.

We offer custom-built websites created with WordPress. We can offer assistance with WordPress sites for customers that want more hands on creation and control of their website design process. With the addition of themes and plugins, WordPress offers advanced functionality, increased security, and spam prevention without sacrificing performance.

eCommerce/Online Store

If your business offers products or services, we can build a secure, online store. There are many several store options to choose from, most of which include integration with shipping packages and payment options including but not limited to credit cards, PayPal, Stripe and more.

We offer a lower cost solution using managed WordPress Hosting and website, with WooCommerce as your store. This includes multiple options to choose as your payment processor. Contact us for details about avoiding the payment of transaction fees depending on your choice of payment processor.

Social Media Integration

One of the most important decisions for business identity is your brand and coordinating that brand on the Internet and social media. If you have an established brand, we can assist you in creating a social media presence to align with your business goals. Or we can offer ways to link your social media to direct visitors from there to your website.

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